Finding Your Perfect Fit: Ring Sizing Tips from Burbank’s Premier Jeweler

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Finding your perfect ring size is essential to make sure that you can wear it for as long as you want without your finger getting sore or the ring cutting off your blood circulation. As a customer, you can find your ring size independently or find a professional jeweler to help you with sizing. AH Jewelry Design, Burbank’s premier jeweler, is your ideal partner for all your ring and other jewelry needs. 


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How AH Jewelry Design Can Help You Get Your Ring Sized To Fit Perfectly


Amidst this flourishing market, the importance of proper ring sizing cannot be overstated. Getting the right size is crucial to ensure the piece is comfortable, secure, and long-lasting. It is particularly critical for rings with emotional value, such as engagement rings, wedding bands, or family heirlooms. That’s where AH Jewelry Design, Burbank’s premier jeweler, comes in, offering expert advice and services to help you find the perfect fit for your ring or to resize it if it no longer fits comfortably anymore.

I looked it up and found this article from 12FIFTEEN Diamonds on what to do if one’s engagement ring is too small. There, it was mentioned that a ring may be resized up to 2-4 times, and up to 2 to 5 sizes, depending on the ring’s structure and how delicate it is. While resizing a ring may weaken it a bit, a jewelry craftsman like the ones we have at AH Jewelry in Burbank can work on it as skillfully as possible to minimize the risk. 


The Significance Of Perfect Ring Sizing


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When it comes to jewelry, rings are perhaps the ultimate symbol of love, commitment, and sentimentality. A perfect fit is essential to ensure the ring looks beautiful and feels comfortable on your finger. Whether it is an engagement ring, wedding band, or a gift to yourself or a loved one, getting the right ring size is crucial. The significance of perfect ring sizing cannot be overstated, and it can make a huge difference in your jewelry-wearing experience.

Wearing an ill-fitting ring can be problematic in many ways. It can cause discomfort and irritation and even restrict blood flow to your finger. Too tight of a ring can cause swelling and numbness, while a loose ring is prone to falling off and getting lost. Aside from that, rings that are too tight can cause skin irritation and discomfort, making the piece unbearable to wear. Therefore, getting the perfect ring size can make all the difference in the world.


Discovering Your Ring Size From The Comfort Of Your Home


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Are you looking to purchase a ring online but unsure of your size? There is no need to worry because determining your ring size from the comfort of your own home is entirely possible.  Allow us to guide you through some simple yet refined methods that will make this process easier.

The first method involves using regular household items – a string and ruler. Gently wrap the string around the base of your finger and mark where the two ends meet. Then, measure the length of the string with a ruler to obtain your precise finger measurement. Measuring the finger where the ring will be worn is essential, as each finger can vary in size.

Another method to determine your ring size is by trying out a ring sizer kit, which can be easily acquired online or at a jewelry store. These kits provide an array of ring sizes for you to try on until you discover the perfect fit. This approach can be a delightful and enjoyable way to determine your ring size, allowing you to indulge in some dress-up and experiment with various ring styles.

I found the table below as a helpful guide for finding your United States ring size. It includes detailed information on the circumference in inches and millimeters, so you can get a better idea of your size before you start to purchase a ring. 


Table 1: United States Ring Size Guide

12.45 39.1 1.5 12.5 1
12.85 40.4 1.5 13 1.5
13.26 41.7 1.6 13 2
13.67 42.9 1.6 13.5 2.5
14.07 44.2 1.7 14 3
14.48 45.5 1.7 14.5 3.5
14.88 46.8 1.8 15 4
15.29 48 1.8 15 4.5
15.49 48.7 1.9 15.5 5
15.9 50 1.9 16 5.5
16.31 51.2 2 16 6
16.71 52.5 2 16.5 6.5
17.12 53.8 2.1 17 7
17.53 55.1 2.1 17.5 7.5
17.93 56.3 2.2 18 8
18.34 57.6 2.2 18 8.5
18.75 58.9 2.3 18.5 9
19.15 60.2 2.3 19 9.5
19.56 61.4 2.4 19.5 10
19.96 62.7 2.4 20 10.5
20.37 64 2.5 20 11
20.78 65.3 2.5 20.5 11.5


Accuracy is key to achieving the ideal fit for your ring. By utilizing these pragmatic and refined methods, you can confidently purchase the ring that you want online without worrying that it will fit you perfectly. 


How To Measure A Ring That You Already Have


Why Seek Professional Help For Ring Sizing

Ensuring that a ring is accurately measured is essential when purchasing a new ring or resizing an existing one using jewelry repair services. While it is recommended to consult a professional jeweler for an exact measurement, there are quick steps you can follow to measure the ring on your own. 

Begin by using a ruler or flexible measuring tape to wrap around the inside circumference of the ring, making sure it fits snugly against your finger for precision. Mark the point where the tape or ruler meets in a complete circle, and measure the distance from the start of the circle to the marked point to obtain the inner diameter of the ring. 

To determine the inner circumference, multiply the inner diameter by 3.14 to get the ring’s circumference in millimeters. You can then find the appropriate size for the ring using a ring size chart. 

If the ring needs to be resized, use the obtained measurement to determine the correct size and seek professional help to ensure the resizing is done correctly. It is worth noting that the size of the ring may differ depending on the type of metal and the shape of the ring, so it is still best to consult a professional to ensure that the size is accurate.


What Does A Jeweler Charge To Size A Ring?


What To Look For In A Quality Jeweler Thats Capable Of Resizing Your Ring

If you’re looking for information about the cost of ring resizing, you’ll find that there isn’t a straightforward answer. Jewelers charge differently for ring resizing based on a variety of factors, such as the metal type, complexity of the design, and ring size.

Jewelry repair services are not inexpensive in general. There are jewelers that offer more cost-effective options. However, if you want to ensure that the job is done correctly and professionally, then be prepared to pay a significant amount.

According to an article on Bankrate on the cost of ring resizing, the starting price for a simple ring resizing could range anywhere from $20 to $60 depending on your location. However, if your ring has intricate details like pave diamonds or filigree, your jeweler can charge $50 or more for the extra work.

Aside from that, resizing a ring made of precious metal like platinum can cost even more due to its challenging nature to work with. A jeweler will need to spend more time and effort resizing your ring, which could cost you $200 or more.


Can Any Jewelry Store Resize A Ring?


Simplifying The Ring Sizing Process With Burbanks Premier Jeweler

While many jewelry stores offer jewelry repair services, not all of them may be equipped to handle ring resizing.

Resizing a ring is a specialized craft that demands specific skills, tools, and training. It’s important to note that not all jewelers possess the required expertise or equipment to undertake such a task. It is imperative to seek out a reputable jeweler who specializes in ring resizing to ensure the job is done correctly. Opting for a jeweler with a long-standing history and an excellent reputation for delivering top-notch quality workmanship is highly recommended.

If you’re also worried about how quick the ring resizing process can take, it may be worth considering a local one instead of a chain jewelry store at the mall. A local jeweler can resize your piece right away on location, while a chain jeweler may still need to ship your item to a craftsman to be fixed.

While many jewelry stores offer jewelry repair services, not all of them may be equipped to handle ring resizing. It’s crucial to find a reputable and experienced jeweler who specializes in ring resizing to ensure that the job is done correctly. Take the time to do your research and choose a jeweler who has a good reputation for quality workmanship and has experience working with the type of ring you have.


What Rings Cannot Be Resized?


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If you’re interested in resizing a ring, it’s essential to know that this service is not possible for all types of rings. Some pieces have properties and designs that make resizing impossible or challenging. In such cases, your jeweler may advise against resizing the jewelry or refuse to handle the resizing job.

As an example, rings made of certain metals like tungsten, titanium, carbide, and stainless steel cannot be resized. The properties of these metals make them durable and resistant to scratches and corrosion, but it also makes them difficult to alter in size.

Rings with intricate designs, such as pave diamonds or intricate filigree, may not be resizable without damaging the design. Rings with channel set diamonds or other gemstones may also be challenging to resize without risking damage to the stones.

Additionally, rings with engravings or other personalized features may be challenging to resize without harming the design. In some cases, a jeweler may have to remove the engraving or personalization to resize the ring.

If you’re considering resizing your ring, it’s crucial to consult a reputable jeweler who specializes in jewelry repair services and ring resizing to determine if your ring can be resized safely and successfully.


Why Seek Professional Help For Ring Sizing


What Does A Jeweler Charge To Size A Ring


When resizing a ring, seeking professional assistance is essential to guarantee the perfect fit and that it retains its beauty and integrity. While resizing a ring may appear to be a simple process, it is actually quite complex and requires precision and expertise. 


Below are just a few of the benefits of getting your ring sizing done by a professional:


  • Professional help in ring sizing can ensure the perfect fit. An important aspect of resizing a ring is obtaining the correct size. This is because an incorrectly-sized ring may lead to several issues. For instance, if the ring is too small, it can cause discomfort and even circulatory issues, while a ring that is too big can easily be lost or slip off the finger, resulting in significant financial loss. Professional help can prevent these issues from occurring.


  • Seeking professional assistance in ring sizing enables customization of the ring.  With the help of a professional, the ring can be adjusted in various ways, including adding or removing links to achieve a perfect fit. Additionally, a professional can determine the appropriate size for the wearer based on the finger’s shape and size, ensuring a perfect fit regardless of the ring’s original size.


  • Professional assistance in ring sizing guarantees proper ring maintenance.  Professional jewelers possess the tools and experience to adequately resize and adjust a ring, ensuring it retains its original beauty and integrity. This is particularly important for intricate ring designs, as a professional can maintain the ring’s original beauty and form.


Enlisting professional help for ring sizing is crucial in ensuring a perfectly fitting and beautiful ring. With the aid of trained professionals, the process can be conducted accurately and swiftly, and the ring can be customized to fit the wearer’s finger perfectly. 


What To Look For In A Quality Jeweler That’s Capable Of Resizing Your Ring?


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When purchasing jewelry, finding a trustworthy and reputable jeweler is of utmost importance. 

Several factors should be considered to guarantee the best possible service. 


Searching for jewelers with a good reputation in the industry is essential. 


Recommendations from friends, family, and colleagues, along with online reviews, can give insight into the jeweler’s credibility. Certifications from the Gemological Institute of America or the American Gem Society also indicate that the jeweler has extensive knowledge and expertise in the field.

At AH Jewelry Design, our master craftsman, Albert Haghverdian, is a pioneering figure in the jewelry industry. Albert is renowned for his exceptional skills in crafting distinctive wedding bands and repairing watches to unparalleled standards. He also has several certifications from the Gemological Institute of America that showcase his skills. As the proprietor of AH Jewelry Design in Burbank, CA, Albert has emerged as a leading authority in his field, thanks to his mastery of the craft.


Offers an extensive range of services. 


An ideal jeweler should provide extensive services, such as jewelry repair, ring resizing, appraisals, and customization. The jeweler should also be willing to answer all your inquiries and explain the various options available to you as a customer.


Provides a guarantee on their work. 


This ensures that any repairs or services provided are done to the highest standard and that you are fully satisfied with the outcome. A jeweler who provides a warranty on their jewelry also ensures that any damages are covered, and you can get it repaired or replaced.

Take your time researching and consider jewelers with good reputations who provide a wide range of services, including jewelry repair, ring resizing, appraisals, and customization. Ensure the jeweler provides a guarantee on their work and a warranty on the jewelry they sell. By finding a quality jeweler, you can rest assured that you will receive the best possible service and high-quality jewelry.


Simplifying The Ring Sizing Process With Burbank’s Premier Jeweler


Can Any Jewelry Store Resize A Ring

AH Jewelry Design is a renowned jewelry store that has provided exceptional jewelry repair services for over a decade. Their expertise lies in ring resizing, providing customers with a simplified process for finding the perfect size for their rings. They have an experienced team of experts who work with each customer to determine their exact ring size, utilizing various tools and techniques to ensure a precise fit.

AH Jewelry Design, Burbank’s leading jeweler, is devoted to providing customers with the foremost jewelry repair services feasible. We understand that finding the appropriate ring size can be challenging and time-consuming, and to lighten the load, we have simplified the ring sizing process. People can have their rings customized in-store, with the guarantee that our specialists will provide flawless fit and top-notch jewelry repair services with meticulous attention to detail.

We have been providing remarkable jewelry repair services for more than two decades, specializing in ring resizing, custom-made jewelry, watch repair, and watch battery change. We offer a variety of options to satisfy our customers’ varying needs, guaranteeing that each ring is perfectly sized for you. At AH Jewelry Design, you can rest assured that your rings will fit you comfortably.


Final Thoughts On Finding Your Perfect Ring Size


Ensuring that your ring fits comfortably is essential to fully appreciate the beauty and elegance of such a prized possession. 

While there are methods to measure your ring size at home, it is still highly recommended to get assistance from a professional jeweler to obtain the most accurate measurements and to have the ring resized as needed. Skilled jewelry craftsmen understand that your ring size may vary depending on the metal and shape of the ring. 

Moreover, when purchasing or resizing a ring, it is equally important to consider other critical factors, such as the jeweler’s reputation and the range of services offered. By carefully selecting the right ring size and a reliable jeweler like AH Jewelry Design in Burbank, California, you can be confident that your ring will be a perfect fit, a true reflection of its exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

Want to learn more about the other services we offer at AH Jewelry Design? Contact us today, and let’s discuss how we can be of assistance.


About Albert Haghverdian

About Albert Haghverdian

For a quarter of a century, Albert Haghverdian has been at the vanguard of the jewelry industry, elevating the art of unique wedding bands and watch repair to new heights. As the proprietor of AH Jewelry Design in Burbank, CA, Albert’s mastery of his craft has earned him a reputation as one of the leading experts in his field.
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