7 mm Solid Gold 10K or 14K Half-Round Dome Stacking Bangle Bracelet

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7 mm Solid Gold 10K or 14K Half-Round Dome Stacking Bangle Bracelet


“Handmade item
Materials: Gold
Made to Order

These Bangles are made of 7 mm solid gold Half Round Dome and they are not hollow. They are designed to be durable and comfortable for every day wear. They won’t bend, break, or kink.
Our merchandise is NOT from overseas we make them in our Shop.
All Sizes Available Extra Small, Small, Medium and Large. Choose Your sizes Quantity and Color and get the Shipping Discount.

***We offer custom orders and repair services contact us if you need anything regarding jewelry***

********************Detail Information:********************

* Weight: 26.0 Grams – on 14 K. Medium size
* Varies by size *

* Extra Small (7 inches)—2 1/4″”(57 mm.) inside diameter
* Small (7.8 inches)——–2 1/2″”(65 mm.) inside diameter
* Medium (8.6 inches)—-2 3/4″”(70 mm.) inside diameter
* Large (9.4 inches)——-3.00″”(76 mm.) inside diameter

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Introducing the Timeless Beauty Of A Handmade Bangle

Unleash your inner fashionista with our 7mm Solid Gold Stacking Bangle Bracelet. Handmade to perfection, this piece of jewelry is a must-have for every jewelry collection. Whether you prefer the classic elegance of yellow gold, the sleek and modern look of white gold, or the warmth of rose gold, we've got you covered.

Wear Your Unique Style With Confidence

Our bangle is designed to be comfortable for everyday wear, so you can feel confident and stylish no matter where your day takes you. No more worrying about your bangle bending, breaking, or kinking, as our bangle is made from solid gold, not hollow like other bracelets. And with a range of sizes available, from Extra Small to Large, you can choose the perfect fit for your wrist.

Invest In Timeless Elegance Today

Don't miss this opportunity to add a touch of timeless elegance to your jewelry collection. Our bangle is made to order, ensuring you receive a truly unique piece of jewelry. And with our custom order and repair services, you can rest assured that your bangle will be a cherished piece for years to come. Order now and enjoy the beauty of a handmade solid gold bangle.


Customer happiness is of utmost importance at AH Jewelry Design. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our 100% satisfaction guarantee - if for any reason a customer is unsatisfied with their purchase, we will gladly provide a full refund or exchange, with no hidden fees.

Product Features

7 mm Solid Gold 10k Or 14k Half-Round Dome Stacking Bangle Bracelet Product Features:

  • Solid Gold: Our bangle is made from 7mm solid gold, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Not Hollow: Unlike other bangles, our bangle is not hollow, ensuring it won’t bend, break, or kink.
  • Handmade: Each bangle is handmade to perfection, making it a unique and special piece of jewelry.
  • Available in Different Sizes: Choose from Extra Small, Small, Medium, or Large to find the perfect fit for your wrist.
  • Range of Colors: Our bangle is available in yellow, white, or rose gold, so you can choose the perfect color to match your style.

Technical Features

7 mm Solid Gold 10k Or 14k Half-Round Dome Stacking Bangle Bracelet Technical Features:

  • Weight: 26.0 Grams for a 14K Medium size bangle.
  • Varies by size.
  • Extra Small (7 inches) – 2 1/4″(57 mm.) inside diameter.
  • Small (7.8 inches) – 2 1/2″(65 mm.) inside diameter.
  • Medium (8.6 inches) – 2 3/4″(70 mm.) inside diameter.
  • Large (9.4 inches) – 3.00″(76 mm.) inside diameter.